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Planning your wedding: How to avoid the stress.

Planning your wedding is the most exciting but can also be the most stressful time of one’s life.

From choosing a venue and having to fit into a few available dates to separating the fighting family members in your already tight table settings. Here are some helpful tips that some brides wished they got before their wedding day.

  • “Truly think of who you WANT at your wedding. And don’t invite everyone under the sun ‘just because.'”
  • Something will go wrong on your wedding day, but at the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life and that’s all that matters. Relax and enjoy it.”
  • Don’t buy your wedding dress the minute you get engaged.
  • Ask the groom what he wants to be a part of. Too often, brides assume that the groom doesn’t care when it comes to the wedding details. Don’t assume, just ask him.
  • “Make sure you have transportation planned out for the ENTIRE day — not just to and from the wedding venue
  • “Do projects when you’re in the mood to do them, regardless of whether or not it’s the right time. If you come home from work one day eager to address your invitations — just go with it.”
  • Spend some one-on-one romantic time with your fiancé every week.”