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Rated four stars by the National Tourism Board

Sekhotso and Pontso Wedding

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An ideal couple getting married on a perfect sunny December morning. Their love for each other was perfectly mirrored with dozens of red roses transforming Vivaldi Hall. Family and friends came from a far to spend their special day with them, and being the perfect hosts and couple Sekhotso and Pontso are, the guests enjoyed […]


Stander & Andri Wedding


  Rain on your wedding day is a symbol of good fortune ( and makes for some stunning pictures!) It rained and it was absolutely beautiful and loved by all. Congratulations to Stander and Andri! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together


Johann and Anelda Naude Wedding

Anelda & Johann

Johann and Anelda looked absolutely gorgeous! The weather was perfect and love definitely filled the air. The Vivaldi Hall was exquisitely decorated with white roses, orchids and with some wonderful personal touches. A fantastic time was had by all guests. It was definitely a wedding to remember Congratulations again to Johann and Anelda, we wish […]


Planning your wedding: How to avoid the stress.

Planning your wedding is the most exciting but can also be the most stressful time of one’s life. From choosing a venue and having to fit into a few available dates to separating the fighting family members in your already tight table settings. Here are some helpful tips that some brides wished they got before […]